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The Earth is Not Flat

Okay. We admit the title of this post is a gotcha. But it’s also relevant to cybersecurity. How? We thought you’d never ask. Consider: If the earth were flat — and unless it was two-sided like a sheet of plywood — it would always be daylight because it would never turn away from the sun. […]

Is Cybersecurity a Competitive Advantage?

It is now. Some people think IT and cybersecurity measures inhibit or reduce the efficiency of their businesses. At one point, that may have been true. That was then. This is now. Given the proliferation of hackers and the corresponding numbers of cybersecurity attacks, cybersecurity is now a necessity. It’s also a competitive advantage. Here’s […]

It May Be Too Late

We don’t mean to be alarmist, but if you haven’t tightened up your cybersecurity, there may be millions of individual reasons to do so. Here’s one, from Ars Technica: “Hackers hammer SpringShell vulnerability in attempt to install cryptominers.” The article says this, in part: Malicious hackers have been hammering servers with attacks that exploit the […]