Where Are You?


There’s an old saying that goes like this: “Wherever you are, that’s where you are.” We could never decide whether that’s really profound or really obvious. But it doesn’t matter. What does matter is a question we get all the time.

Whenever we talk to companies about cybersecurity, someone always asks, “Where do we start?” The answer is, “Wherever you are.” That means — whether you’ve done a little or a lot to protect your company from cyber attack — the best place to start is with the next logical step.

If you haven’t done anything, we’ll start with a gap analysis: How prepared are you for an attack? What’s your ability to recover? We’ll assess the level of vulnerability of your remote access points and the ease with which your networks and systems could be compromised. Then we’ll categorize your risks and prioritize our remediation efforts.

Next, we’ll act like hackers and do our darnedest to breach your environment. That will enable us to evaluate your network, your software, your security controls, and your defenses. Beyond that, we’ll keep an eye on your IT infrastructure to make certain it remains secure and compliant. We’ll even monitor dark web data for evidence of data theft, immediately reporting breaches or abnormalities. And we’ll help you prevent or minimize risks to your operation and your reputation from hacked or exposed credentials.

If You Already Have Some Protection

If it ain’t broke, there’s no need to try to fix it. Start from the most recent thing you’ve done and build on it. Fortify your defenses. Shore up your firewall. Replace your end-of-life network equipment. Check all of your perimeter and internal defenses and system configurations to ensure they’re as tight and secure as they were when you put them in place. And make sure you keep them up to date.

Attempted cyberattack is no longer if. It most definitely is when. You owe it to yourself, your company, your people, and your customers to make sure you’re prepared to ward off those attacks and to recover from them should they occur.

Wherever you are on your journey to cybersecurity, that’s where you start your efforts to become more secure.

We don’t know if that’s profound. But it’s necessary, now more than ever.